The Invitation Heeded

Rob, at Coming Home Network, has sent me a splendid old conversion story written by James Kent Stone, (sometime president of Kenyon and Hobart Colleges) and published in 1869. It is written in a robust and eloquent style, and is full of a bracing kind of Catholic convert triumphalism one doesn’t see much of in [Read More...]

Shea for Today

Mark Shea has a good post on the difficulties of atheism [Read more...]

O Emmanuel

O EMMANUEL, our King and Lawgiver, the Desire of all nations and their salvation: Come and save us O Lord, our God. [Read more...]

Jerry Falwell Catholics

Liberty University is the school started in 1971 by Baptist pastor Jerry Falwell. It is described as an independent fundamentalist Baptist college. I was very pleased, therefore to hear from a student at Liberty telling me about a group he has started called Catholics at Liberty. Chris was good enough to write these few words for [Read More...]

Gregorian Chant

I first encountered Gregorian chant when I visited the Benedictine monastery of Douai in Berkshire in England. I was a second year theology student at Oxford and had been encouraged to visit the monastery by a Catholic friend named June Reynolds, who I had met whilst I was a student at Bob Jones University. I [Read More...]

O Rex Gentium

O KING OF THE NATIONS, and their Desire; the Cornerstone who makest both one: Come, and save mankind, whom thou formedst out of clay. [Read more...]