Other Bad Stuff

We don’t like racism either. It’s wrong. People should not judge others based on the color of their skin, their religion or their ethnic background. We should do everything possible to get rid of racism and strive to build a society of racial unity and peace–finding paths of empowerment and equality for all people–especially those [Read More...]

Stafford Speaks Out

I didn’t realize what an eloquent and ‘from the heart’ speaker Cardinal Stafford is. Check out this moving reflection on the terrible summer of 1968 when the American church rose up in dissent against the Holy Father over Humane Vitae. At present I am also trying to find a link to the text of his [Read More...]

Other Bad Stuff

Here’s another thing we’re against: we’re against cruelty to animals. Yes, we think that animals are God’s creatures too. They were created to be our pets and our providers and our companions in life. We were created to be their stewards and overseers, and that we should treat all God’s creatures with compassion and kindness. [Read More...]

Not All Hate Mail…

There are plenty like this too: I am a lurker on your blog (which I very much enjoy reading), but with the recent news about Fr. Newman, I decided to email you to say this: Thank you to both of you for being good shepherds and for not backing down from the teachings of the [Read More...]

Blessed Sacrament Chapel 2

[Read more...]

Blessed Sacrament Chapel

This is the new Blessed Sacrament Chapel at St Joseph’s Catholic School. This is where I say Mass most days. [Read more...]