The Church Mediocre

Among converts and those thinking of converting and those who are thinking of converting but denying it, there is a lot of talk about how awful the Catholic Church is when you actually stop reading books of apologetics and visit the local branch. Here you thought it was the Church Militant and it seems like [Read More...]

The Hypocrite

Words unspokensound loudest for those who hearwith the inward ear. A smile unbrokenby kindness is knownto maim, wound and kill. For those who feel,it’s a cut to the bone.When one smiles in silence, it is sharp, polished steel,or perfect benevolencecarved in stone. [Read more...]

Newman in Canterbury

Fr Newman has a new website and blog. Under the link Divine worship you can go through a cool slide show of High Mass at St Mary’s. How blessed we are to have been brought to such a vibrant parish! For Ash Wednesday the place was packed, the liturgy was splendid and the spirit truly [Read More...]

Immaculate Conception

In a recent comment a reader asked about the Immaculate Conception: about the Immaculate Conception. As a mere Anglican I still wonder ‘why?’. It may be so but surely Our Lady would still be unique in creation even if she were not immaculately conceived?Good question. May I humbly recommend my book Mary: A Catholic-Evangelical Debate? [Read More...]

Feast or Fast?

Every year this argument comes up in our household: I’ve heard that every Sunday is a feast day of the resurrection so you can break your Lenten fast on Sundays. Sure enough, if you count the ‘forty days’ from Ash Wednesday to Easter Sunday there are actually 46 days, so if you take out the [Read More...]

Holy Hunger

St Augustine says that by asceticism we empty ourselves to make room for God. If you have a sack that is already full there is no room for anything else. If you have a life that is already full you have no room for God. Empty the sack to re-fill it. Empty the life to [Read More...]