For the Beginning of Advent

So now, my brothers, let us sing, not to enjoy a lifetime of leisure, but to ease our toil.  In the way that travellers are in the habit of singing, sing, but continue your journey. What does it mean, “continue your journey”? Fare forward always – but fare forward in goodness, for there are, according [Read More...]

The Apostles – 2

In chapter two: The Gift of Communion the Holy Father elaborates further on the gift of the Apostolic Church, without which there can be no salvation. He builds on St Paul’s trinitarian blessing in the 2 Corinthians and points out that the phrase ‘in the fellowship of the Holy Spirit’ combines the intimate unity and fellowship [Read More...]

Fr Elijah and End Times

I have just finished Michael O’Brien’s Father Elijah. I’m afraid (in my opinion) it is not a great novel–too much dialogue, and a rambling, episodic plot. However, I like the main character, and the main apocalyptic theme fits our time and the somber season of approaching Advent. For me, Elijah’s encounter with the corrupt count in [Read More...]

I Am Legend


We watched I Am Legend the other evening. It’s an intriguing film with wonderful Christian themes. Will Smith is the last person living after New York City is hit with a terrible virus that turns human beings into hairless, vampire-like creatures. He roams the streets of New York hunting for food, always sure to get [Read More...]

For Richer or for Poorer?

Not anymore. Here’s an article about the pampered poodle wives of Britain who go ballistic when hubby comes home from the investment bank saying he’s out of work. The writer has coined a phrase for these stay at home (and do nothing) spoiled women: Toxic wives. I’m starting to see the silver lining of this [Read More...]

Happy Thanksgiving

[Read more...]