Feed Fido and Go Directly to Jail

People like to toot about how socialism takes money from the rich and gives it to the poor. I don’t mind that so much since I’m one of the ones likely to get some money out of it, but what I do dislike about socialism is the silly self righteousness of socialists. They’re always trying [Read More...]

More on Mary

At RCIA the question arose tonight about Mary being called ‘Mediatrix’.  “Don’t you Catholics know that the I Timothy 2:5 says, ‘There is one mediator between God and man, the man Christ Jesus?’ ” Why do you need Mary as mediator? Now when a Protestant throws a verse to a Catholic as a proof text [Read More...]

Birmingham Visit

Your blogger in Birmingham with Bishop Robert Baker (who ordained me when he was Bishop of Charleston, and Mike Dubrueil–formerly commissioning editor at Our Sunday Visitor, who worked with me on a couple of books, a prolific author in his own right, husband of the Queen of Catholic bloggers Amy Welborn and an all around [Read More...]

Too Much Mary?

One of the Protestant objections to the Catholic faith is that we make too much of the Blessed Virgin Mary. She looms large in their perception of Catholicism, and they believe that we value Mary more than her Son, and that we pay her far too much attention. There are many theological replies that can [Read More...]

All Souls Story

I was living in England as a young Anglican priest when my younger brother came to live with me. Some weeks after his arrival he learned about the death in a plane crash of a young friend of his we shall call Tom.  Tom was about 5’2″ with a shock of blond hair, a round [Read More...]


I’m off to Birmingham this morning to EWTN. I’ll be recording a segment with Johnette Benkovic’s Living His Life Abundantly on Monday and appearing on Marcus Grodi’s Journeys Home on Monday evening at 8:00 EST. I hope to see many of your smiling faces on the other side of the screen. Pray that these appearances will help [Read More...]