I missed Signs when it came out in the cinemas, and never got around to watching it on DVD until last night. I was very impressed. Shyamalan’s direction is stylish, tight and perfectly matching the suspenseful storyline. With creative camerawork he manages to convey the ordinaryness of the home life while infusing the whole thing [Read More...]

Domincans Resurgent

The Dominicans in England are enjoying a good number of young vocations. Godzdogz has some great photos of a solemn profession in Oxford and the clothing of some new novices in Cambridge here. I’ve always had a soft spot for the Domincans ever since I was as student and Oxford and used to attend the [Read More...]

Archeology Supports Christian Claims

This article tells us about new archeological evidence from late 2nd century that proves Christians worshipped Jesus as God. A prayer found in mosaics in a Christian worship hall in Israel names a benefactor called Gaianus who is described as a centurion. Another mentions a woman called Akeptous who ‘…offered this table in memorial of [Read More...]

The Play, the Play’s the Thing…

…in which I’ll catch the conscience of the King. What, you mean, dear readers, that you are unaware of the Catholic subtext of Hamlet? The theory goes like this: Shakespeare was secretly a recusant Catholic. Under Elizabeth’s strict penal laws he could lose everything by being openly Catholic. For the full and best argument on [Read More...]

Mel’s Hamlet

I just finished watching Zefferelli’s Hamlet with Mel Gibson in the title role.  It’s actually pretty impressive. The script editors have taken great liberties with the text, not only cutting large chunks, but putting some speeches in other scenes to move things along and make it all more intelligible. I don’t have a problem with this. [Read More...]

Catholic Quiz

Take part in this exciting quiz! Remember, there are points, and points mean prizes…. The clergy in the photograph above are: A: Catholic Charismatics from the Diocese of Los Angeles B: Members of the Society of St Pius X C: English Anglo Catholics D: Members of a Protestant Sect E: C & D F: None [Read More...]