Readers will know of my nostalgia for the chapel of Blackfriars in Oxford. The Dominicans there have an encouraging number of new vocations and these photographs show that they are developing an excellent renewal of the traditional forms of the liturgy as well as a renewal of Dominican religious life. This is a photo by [Read More...]

The Divine Comedy

My post about the the Romance of Religion and the need to be liturgical Lancelots and ceremonial Cyrano de Bergeracs attracted attention at Fr Z’s beautifully bombastic blog. One reader was not sure whether I was mocking or not. Was it mockery? Was it a masquerade? Am I puncturing pomposity with intentionally boorish buffoonery? Not [Read More...]

Weep for a Biretta

A big burly man in his late sixties came up to me at the Knights of Columbus breakfast last month after Mass at St Mary’s. He took me to one side and said conspiratorially, “Father, listen to me.” he said with a strong Bronx accent. “Yes?” I said, fearing that he was about to divulge [Read More...]

Chust for Nice

[Read more...]

San Antimo

Ever since coming across the pictures of San Antimo on Roving Medievalist I’ve been haunted by the beauty of the place. I’ll get there one day. [Read more...]

Blake on Flew on Dawkins

Fr Ray reports a sharp opinion of former atheist philosopher Anthony Flew about the shallow atheist writer Richard Dawkins. Read it here. [Read more...]