Why Confession?

Because the fast way to hell might be through a big, nasty, dirty and shocking mortal sin (with sudden death soon to follow) but the slow way is to take the ‘broad way that leads to destruction.’ The road to hell is shoulder to shoulder with nice people who never do anything very bad, but [Read More...]

Different Kinds of Killing

Here’s my latest article for InsideCatholic. It’s entitled, Why Abortion and the War in Iraq are not Equivalent. Take time to read the comments. It’s amazing how people read something into an article. The piece was a modest attempt at an analysis of the moral arguments that equate the unjust war in Iraq with the [Read More...]

Not Quite an Atheist

A friend and I drove up to Belmont College near Charlotte last night to hear Michael Novak deliver a lecture about his new book which counters atheism. It was a good chance to see the campus and learn more about the good things happening there. At these events it’s amazing how many people I meet [Read More...]

Mary Shades

Does your priest doubt the apparitions of Mary at Lourdes, Medjugorje and Fatima? Buy him a pair of these new Virgin Mary sunglasses. See how happy this priest is? With a pair of these special 3-D Mary specs your priest will not only look ‘spec’tacular, he’ll be looking at something spectacular. When you wear these [Read More...]

Faithful Citizenship

I confess that I have been somewhat flippant in my posts on the presidential campaign, and perhaps not been treating the subject with as much gravitas as it deserves. I encourage all readers to be informed by our Catholic bishops about their proper rights and responsibilities. Their wise counsel is to be found here in [Read More...]

Temper Temper

I’ve had a very angry email from a reader (who does not have the courage to even give his name) scolding me for supporting particular presidential candidates by name. I was told as a priest that I am not allowed to do this. Furthermore, I am apparently violating tax rules and using my non-profit status [Read More...]