Interview with Anne Rice See and hear Anne Rice talk about the Pope’s visit. The last few minutes she talks about whether or not she is a ‘dissenter’. There are some other YouTube videos in which Anne talks to Bill McGarvy about her views. [Read more...]

Mary’s May Altar at St Joseph’s

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Persecution on the Horizon

At InsideCatholic Ronald Rychlak looks at some of the consequences of homosexual ‘marriage’. [Read more...]

We’re on a Mission From God

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St Joseph the Worker

On St Joseph the Worker day all the students from St Joseph’s Catholic School go out into the community and do some sort of manual work. We have ‘households’ at the school. These are extended homeroom groups. Boys and girls are separate, and kids from each year group are together–staying in the household for the [Read More...]

Inquisitions and Imprimaturs

Now here’s a puzzle for you. I’m setting up an interview with Anne Rice for various publications I write for. Some Catholics are worried that she may publicly dissent from Church teachings on matters like homosexuality, abortion and women’s ordination. If an artist dissents from church teachings what should we do with their art? Should [Read More...]