Attack of the Killer Bishops

Gerald Warner of London’s Daily Telegraph has this robust article about the US bishops attack on Joe Biden. It’s about time the bishops correct the Kennedy-Pelosi-Biden type of Catholics. Three cheers! [Read more...]

I’ll Ask ‘er

Here’s a nice photo gallery of Sarah and Todd Palin arriving back in Alaska. Reminds me of an old joke,  “Your wife ever been to Fairbanks?”  “Alaska?” “You mean you don’t know?” [Read more...]

Roe v Wade

Some pro-abortion Americans think that the only thing the pro-life cause cares about is the repeal of the Roe v. Wade decision and the criminalization of abortion. They imagine that pro-life advocates will try to lock up every woman who has an abortion and every doctor who performs one. There are two points to be [Read More...]

Hick or Slick?

This article from London’s Daily Telegraph shakes up the image of Sarah Palin as a goofy know-nothing redneck, and shows that she is a not a hick, but a slick and shrewd politician with ten years experience in the corridors of Alaskan power. Read it for another view. [Read more...]

Red Door

Sixteen years ago St Joseph’s School started with $800.00 in the bank and thirteen students in a little house loaned by the local Lutheran Church. Last year they demolished the house, but they gave us the red door at the front of the house. This year we have 539 students in grades 6-12. The red [Read More...]

Palin Hiding?

What’s all the fuss about Sarah Palin ‘hiding’ from reporters? Why should she want to give anything at all to the pirahnas who have, for the first week of her being on the national stage done nothing but throw dirt, attack her personal life, attack her children and spread vicious rumors and lies about her? [Read More...]