Monsters and Monotheists

Creative Minority Report argues in a style that I attempted in my book Adventures in Orthodoxy from Bigfoot, Chupacabra and other monsters to belief in God. Read it here. [Read more...]

What Might Really Happen

There is much talk about the possibility of reunion between the Traditional Anglican Communion and the Catholic Church. Corporate reunion seems very difficult to imagine. There are so many technicalities and difficulties. What seems more possible is for an increasing number of Anglican laypeople, priests and bishops to come into full communion with the Catholic [Read More...]

Chust for Nice

[Read more...]

Twin Towers Collapse?

Here’s more grim news about the world economy. I wish I could remember where Pope John Paul II said this, but he said there were two atheistic, materialistic world systems: communism and unrestrained capitalism. Both, he predicted, would collapse. It’s almost as if the twin towers were a metaphor of the two global materialistic power [Read More...]

Heigh Ho, Heigh Ho…

…it’s off to school we go. St Joseph’s starts up on Thursday. This week we finished faculty orientation, lots of meetings, last minute this and that, and tomorrow new student orientation. I count myself very lucky to be part of St Joseph’s Catholic School. It’s a terrific school, started fifteen years ago by a group [Read More...]

To Cassock or Not to Cassock…

…that is the question. I’m thinking of starting to wear my cassock every day. Up til now I have worn ‘ordinary’ clerical dress every day except Friday (when we have our school mass) and Sunday. What do readers think? Do you prefer to see your priest in cassock or black trousers and clerical shirt and [Read More...]