Faithful Citizenship

I confess that I have been somewhat flippant in my posts on the presidential campaign, and perhaps not been treating the subject with as much gravitas as it deserves. I encourage all readers to be informed by our Catholic bishops about their proper rights and responsibilities. Their wise counsel is to be found here in [Read More...]

Temper Temper

I’ve had a very angry email from a reader (who does not have the courage to even give his name) scolding me for supporting particular presidential candidates by name. I was told as a priest that I am not allowed to do this. Furthermore, I am apparently violating tax rules and using my non-profit status [Read More...]

Sarah Get Your Gun

Sarah Palin has now been compared to Margaret Thatcher, Evita Peron, Maria von Trapp, American frontier women, the Wicked Witch of the West and any number of other strong women, but hasn’t anyone else realized that she’s really the Annie Oakley of the campaign? She’s right out of the musical, Annie Get Your Gun: consider: [Read More...]

The Apostle

We watched The Apostle┬álast night. Now that’s one sweet Christian movie. One of the difficulties in making a film about faith is that movies are, well, motion pictures. They are pictures that move, and faith is an inner, invisible gift. This is why so many Catholic films about saints are worthy, but boring. The real [Read More...]

Biden for VP

I’m sorry I haven’t been blogging over the last few days. To tell you the truth, I have simply been too excited by the candidacy of Sarah Palin, but because I’m not supposed to be pushing any particular candidate, because I’m a priest and all that, I have been keeping my peace. I realize that [Read More...]

The Cafeteria is Closed

Cardinal Newman on the impossibility of cafeteria Catholicism At the time of the apostles a Christian was bound to take without doubting all that the Apostles declared to be revealed; if the Apostles spoke, he had to yield to an internal assent of his mind…immediate, implicit submission of the mind was the only necessary token [Read More...]