English Bishop speaks up

I had said the English hierarchy were silent on the British abortion vote. Well, the Archbishop came out with a rather bland statement, and I posted a link. Here is Bishop O’Donohue’s statement on the recent barbaric vote in the British Parliament. Pretty good stuff. Much stronger, intelligent, articulate and straight. One of the things [Read More...]

Cherry Picking

There is a cherry tree in our yard, which we thought was dead. All the fruit didn’t have a chance last year because of a late, heavy frost. This year all the fruit trees promise much. We went out last weekend to find the cherry tree absolutely laden. I’ve spent hours this afternoon and evening [Read More...]

Archbishop Speaks

Cardinal Cormac Murphy O’Connor expresses his views on the recent British abortion vote. [Read more...]

Politics, Sentimentality and Utilitarianism

One of the problems with the pro-life debacle this week in Britain is that the pro-life cause relied too much on political, sentimental and utilitarian arguments. The political argument is, “This is a matter of women’s rights.” or “This is a matter of the unborn human person’s right to life.” When you argue something in [Read More...]

Silence is deafening

After the disastrous defeat of the pro-life cause in Britain this week, why have we not heard from the Catholic bishops? Does it really take so long to stand up, call a press conference and denounce Parliament’s decision? I understand the complexities and subtleties of public relations and diplomacy, but sometimes we need to hear [Read More...]

British Baby Killers

The UKs Daily Telegraph reports a disastrous vote in parliament. This week the British have voted in favor of human/animal embryonic hybrids being created, voted to allow children to have two biological mothers and no father (through artificial insemination and genetic engineering for lesbian couples) and they also voted not to reduce the time limit [Read More...]