High Schoolers Facing East

Six high school boys stayed after Thursday’s daily Mass at St Joseph’s Catholic School: “Father, why didn’t you celebrate Mass facing East today?” “I’m doing so on two days of the week, and on the other two the usual way. Do you like the Mass when I celebrate facing East?” “Yes.” “Why?” “It feels more [Read More...]

The Hall and the Side Rooms

In his introduction to Mere Christianity C.S.Lewis says that once you decide to become a Christian it is like coming into the hall of a great house, and off the hall there are lots of side rooms. If becoming a Christian is coming into the great hall, choosing a denomination is deciding which room you want [Read More...]

Spiritual Hero

Spiritual Hero is the name of a new project I’ve got going. When I lived in England, before being moving back to the USA to be ordained as a Catholic priest, I ran a training company called Working Hero. The concept of Working Hero was that the hero’s quest, which makes up the plotline for all [Read More...]

Countering the Performance Culture

I will be in Aiken, South Carolina on Saturday leading a day workshop and lecture on worship. The first session is The Meaning of Sacrifice,  the second, The Meaning of Mystery. Then a workshop session, How Shall We then Worship? It seems to me that within American Catholicism one of the things we need most to [Read More...]

Where Did Jesus Go?


  Several comments on my post on the Ascension pondered on where Christ went. If we went up physically, where did he go? Did he go to some sort of physical/spiritual realm that we cannot conceive of? As it happens, I have just come from a session with our sophomores in High School discussing Nominalism [Read More...]

New Poem

Visit to Chartres I came across it as I took the tour.The tympanum over the Southern doorportrays the judgement with Christ on his throne,demons, angels and human souls carved in stone. It’s not the finest medieval scene.The figures are cramped and small. The layout’s mean,awkward and unrefined; and yet for my part,I find in the [Read More...]