Biker Biretta Not

Sorry. The Biker Biretta, like the Anglican via media, is nothing but a good idea. For all you biretta junkies, here is a shot of me in my biretta with the servers at St Joseph’s Catholic School. [Read more...]

New Fellowship

OK. I’ve done it. I’ve joined the fellowship of bikers. Don’t tell me its my mid life crisis. I had that ten years ago. It all has to do with the rising price of gas… Besides it’s really fun. I haven’t actually bought a dream machine quite like the one pictured. A friend has allowed [Read More...]

St Benedict

One of the things I love about the Benedictine Way is that it is so locked into everyday life. Not for Benedict the intensity of mystical paths of perfection, creative meditation techniques and ascetical programs of prayer. Instead he expects his followers to find God within the ordinary round of work, prayer and study. The [Read More...]

Kitty Weighs In

Presiding Bishop of ECUSA, Katherine Jefferts Schori gave a speech in England of unusual sensitivity, depth and theological and historical insight. She says opponents of women’s ordination, “Just don’t like women.” It’s reported here. [Read more...]

The Path to Rome

The Path to Rome – Modern Journeys to the Catholic Church was my first book. It is a collection of mostly Anglican conversion stories which was put together just after the Church of England’s decision to ordain women. The majority of the contributors are former Anglican clergy. Graham Leonard, the former Anglican Bishop of London [Read More...]

Fellowship of St Gregory the Great?

Damian Thompson blogs here about something called The Fellowship of St Gregory the Great. This, he claims, is the proposal being put to the Vatican by the Anglican traditionalist bishops. It will be a fellowship presided over by a Catholic bishop. (Bishop Alan Hopes–a former Anglo– Catholic priest now an auxiliary Bishop of Westminster–would be [Read More...]