Steve McCain

Is it my imagination or is there an increasingly striking resemblance between American presidential candidate Steve Martin and the famous comedian Mr John McCain? It is clear that they both like guns and are very funny men.  Is there any chance they are related? I think we should be told. [Read more...]

No Questions Asked

This article tells us that a leading scientist in England has resigned from his post at the Royal Society (a prestigious intellectual club) after an outcry from the scientific establishment. The man suggested that maybe, just maybe it could be okay, in some circumstances, in order to further the educational process, you know, in order [Read More...]

Self sacrificing Dad

Here’s a story from the Washington Post about a committed Catholic Dad who died saving his  son’s life… [Read more...]

Our Lady of Sorrows Magnificat

It’s a beautiful thing that the Memoria of Our Lady of Sorrows follows directly after the Feast of the Triumph of the Cross. Our Lord’s suffering on the cross is magnified through our Lady of Sorrows. That is her role. She magnifies the Lord. When she says, “My soul magnifies the Lord’ of course it [Read More...]

Brits Back Barack

Here’s a ridiculous piece that’s typical of the snobbish Brits. It’s written in their usual lofty, arrogant style–totally misunderstanding Americans and what makes America tick. The tone is basically, “We educated and cultured Europeans call on our backwoods cousins in America to rise above their religion and guns for a moment and vote for Barack [Read More...]

Sorry Charlie

This article tells us that the Church of England is about to issue an apology to Charles Darwin for rejecting evolution. Just when you thought the Church of England couldn’t come up with any further lunacy they cook this one up. What next, an apology to Picasso for not appreciating cubism? An apology to Nietzsche [Read More...]