Cathedral Quiz 4

Question 4…The palm trees are a giveaway. [Read more...]

Cathedral Quiz 3

Where’s this? More later. [Read more...]

Cathedral Quiz 2

No. 1 was too easy. You have to get them all right. Is anyone able to identify this exquisite example? [Read more...]

Cathedral Quiz

A reader sent me this photograph. Not knowing what it was, I thought I’d open a competition for readers to identify the building. Large cash prizes will be given to all winners… [Read more...]

Married Priests

I see there is a little debate in the combox about married clergy-pro and con, and I’ve been asked for my thoughts. Many people wish to make a case for or against married clergy from a utilitarian argument. In other words, “celibate clergy have more time for their people and are more easily deployed where [Read More...]

St John Vianney Seminary

h/t American Papist [Read more...]