Lies Damnable Lies

This article shows that the famous ‘autobiography’ about monstrous Irish nuns running sweat shop laundries in Ireland is pure fiction. [Read more...]

No Thanks

[Read more...]

Pink or Rose?

Can a real man wear rose vestments? It’s a bit tricky. Those of us who strive to be liturgically correct still shy away from pink. There are too many flamingos out there, and pink is too hot a color for other reasons… But here are some decent rose vestments. They’ve found muted colors and avoided [Read More...]

Ad Orientem – 4

Fr Newman’s fourth letter on ad orientem celebration of the Mass [Read more...]

Tea Pot Worshipper Jailed

This story from the Daily Telegraph informs us that this rather sweet looking lady from Indonesia has been jailed for starting a teapot worshiping cult. The thugs enforcing sharia law in her country have not only jailed her, but sent in the bulldozers and demolished her perfectly lovely giant teapot. What a shocking bit of [Read More...]

Hot Off thePress

The first copy of my latest book arrived in the mail today. Praying the Rosary for Inner Healing is published by Our Sunday Visitor, and will soon be available in bookshops and through my website. [Read more...]