Pretty Cool

How cool is this? I’m on a bus somewhere in Georgia as a chaperone on our eighth grade trip to St Augustine in Florida. The bus has a wireless connection, so I’m listening to Barber’s sublime violin concerto on my headphones, while still able to blog away to my heart’s content. I’m not complaining about [Read More...]

Gaffney Peach

The post on cherry picking led to comments about the abundant peach orchards of upstate SC. This prodigious crop has been immortalized by the famous ‘Gaffney Peach’. This water tower can be seen alongside I-85 a few miles north of Greenville as you drive to or from Charlotte. This is one of the things I [Read More...]

English Bishop speaks up

I had said the English hierarchy were silent on the British abortion vote. Well, the Archbishop came out with a rather bland statement, and I posted a link. Here is Bishop O’Donohue’s statement on the recent barbaric vote in the British Parliament. Pretty good stuff. Much stronger, intelligent, articulate and straight. One of the things [Read More...]

Cherry Picking

There is a cherry tree in our yard, which we thought was dead. All the fruit didn’t have a chance last year because of a late, heavy frost. This year all the fruit trees promise much. We went out last weekend to find the cherry tree absolutely laden. I’ve spent hours this afternoon and evening [Read More...]

Archbishop Speaks

Cardinal Cormac Murphy O’Connor expresses his views on the recent British abortion vote. [Read more...]

Politics, Sentimentality and Utilitarianism

One of the problems with the pro-life debacle this week in Britain is that the pro-life cause relied too much on political, sentimental and utilitarian arguments. The political argument is, “This is a matter of women’s rights.” or “This is a matter of the unborn human person’s right to life.” When you argue something in [Read More...]