Caption Competition

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Another Hint

Damian Thompson quotes Archbishop Myers (the one who is in charge of the Pastoral Provision) giving another hint that Rome is preparing a way for whole congregations or even whole ‘continuing denominations’ to convert to Rome. It is worth remembering that the Church of England is just one player in the Anglican Communion, and the [Read More...]

Einstein, Insanity and Humane Vitae

The Daily Telegraph reports the record number of teenage pregnancies and abortions in the UK. In response the government wants more contraceptive education, more abortion clinics, more free condoms and more sex education for younger and younger children. This has provoked a conservative response that points out quite rightly that the policy of free contraception, [Read More...]

B16 Rides in to the Rescue!

The UK’s Independent newspaper has this article which is also featured in the Daily Telegraph. Both articles give the ridiculous impression that Pope Benedict is one hundred percent behind Rowan Williams and is actually shunning any converts to Catholicism. From their tone you would think B16 had abandoned World Youth Day and chartered a jet [Read More...]

The Gloves are Off

The news reports on the decay of liberal Protestantism seem to be flying in faster than we can record them this summer. Here’s one  about the Presbyterian  Church of the USA. There are dozens of Presbyterian denominations, and this is the most liberal of them. The report says, the PCUSA General Assembly, “which took place [Read More...]

The Black Hole at the Heart of Liberalism

The Daily Telegraph reports an attempt by a liberal Anglican group called ‘Inclusive Church’ to offer an olive branch to those who dissent from the liberal feminist/homosexualist agenda.   Those who are conservatives need to try to get inside the skin of the typical liberal. He really does not believe in such a thing as [Read More...]