Road to Cana

Anne Rice’s second installment on the life of Christ is even better than the first. Now Jesus is a young man, living in Nazareth with his extended family. One of the things Rice makes clear is how Jesus’ ‘brothers’ in the New Testament are his kinsmen. Not only do the semantics allow for this probability, [Read More...]

More on Marriage

There has been further comment on my post about Love and Marriage. I defined marriage as being essentially between a man and a woman, and that other alternative unions were not marriages. I was taken to task by one commentator who suggested that other people disagree and believe that the marital act between a man [Read More...]

New Poem

The Dogwood TreeFor a Papal VisitMy garden has an ancient dogwood tree,grown from a cutting from a tree that datesback beyond all living memory.The old gardener loves that tree, and relatesthe tale of how one tree was kept alivefor thousands of years through bad times and good;how some cuttings would falter, others thrive,yet all, both [Read More...]

Apostolic Visit

During Pope Benedict’s Apostolic visit to the USA, remembering that ‘apostle’ means’ ‘sent one’. From yesterday’s gospel: Whoever rejects me and does not accept my wordshas something to judge him: the word that I spoke,it will condemn him on the last day,because I did not speak on my own,but the Father who sent me commanded [Read More...]

Papal Visit Coverage

American Papist has some of the best blogger coverage of the Pope’s visit to Washington.  John Allen summarizes the Pope’s message to the Bishops here. [Read more...]

Mass Evangelism

There was a Protestant publishing company in England that used to produce smart publicity materials that you could buy for your parish events. They would do overprinting–putting your details into their nice artwork. They had rules though. You weren’t allowed to use the word ‘Mass’ in any of your publicity materials because they couldn’t be [Read More...]