When Does Human Life Begin?

Just look at Speaker of the House,  Nancy Pelosi the ‘loyal and devoted Catholic’ lying through her teeth about what the church teaches. This clip also has Obama’s infantile answer: “The question of when human life begins is beyond my pay grade…” So this is a smart Harvard educated guy?  The other awful thing about [Read More...]

Not folksy

I’m not really that interested in politics, and I’m certainly far from an expert prognosticator, but I think Obama will lose in November, and here’s why: the Democrats have become the party of the elite, and the majority of ordinary Americans have an instinctive dislike for the elite. Check back through most of the recent [Read More...]

New Poem

Driving Home “Save a half hour,” my host said, “and leave towndriving North ‘cross country on Highway One.”So on a balmy day in May I set offto travel home across the rural South. The road ran past broken farms, peach orchards,Bar BQ joints, quaint old towns and junkyards;trailer parks and dilapidated shacks–the homes of poor [Read More...]

The Amish are Coming

Mark Shea links to this report about the thriving Amish communities. They’ve doubled their population over the last decade or so. They have large families and most of their young people stay with the faith. The Amish and Mennonites are Anabaptists. They’re from the same Reformation branch as Southern Baptists and all other sorts of Baptists, [Read More...]

Newman’s Bones

Christopher Howse writes here on Newman’s relics. The comments reveal much. [Read more...]

Devil Worship at LA Cathedral?

Over the summer when I was blogging pretty consistently on the horrors of present day Anglianism I was chided for ignoring Catholic awful-ness. This blog has had its fair share of Catholic horror stories, but here’s one for the books from Creative Minority Report: a customer in the LA Catholic cathedral bookshop engages in a [Read More...]