London’s Daily Telegraph has a feature on Ave Maria town here [Read more...]

Pope Benedict XVI Visits America

America welcomes Pope Benedict XVI tomorrow. I’ll be writing about the visit for The Catholic Herald and The Time in London, have an article in National Catholic Register and will comment here and at InsideCatholic. For research I have been following the different news outlets, and I fear most of them are predictably boring. They all have to [Read More...]

New Poem

Organ Recital for Adam The whole world of music was there beneath  your dancing fingers and your flying feet. I heard tubas, trombones, foghorns, bells and flutes, whale songs, birdcalls, clarinets and lutes. Bassoons, sackbuts, wolves howling at the moon; The plaintive cries of oboe, owl and loon.   The diapason rumblings deep to deep  [Read More...]


What is shame? I think shame is the emotion we feel when we have done something that falls below our standards for ourselves. We feel ashamed, and when others find out they should make us feel ashamed as well. Our society doesn’t do shame real well. We think it is hurtful and no one should [Read More...]

Gothic Frankfurter

Chust for nice (as the Pennsylvania Dutch would say) h/t Roving Medievalist [Read more...]

Love and Marriage…

…go together like a horse and carriage… (or even a surrey with the fringe on top?) In a thread on the lesbians next door I said they were living a lie, and my observation evoked this comment:  Father, with due respect, in the couple’s eyes, it’s not a lie at all. They believe (one would [Read More...]