Cardinal Kasper Clarifies the Situation

I remember after the Church of England voted to ordain women Pope John Paul II came out with Ordinatio Sacerdotalis in which he concluded with the very terse statement: “Wherefore, in order that all doubt may be removed regarding a matter of great importance, a matter which pertains to the Church’s divine constitution itself, in [Read More...]

Toronto Blessing

I don’t have time today to post on the Toronto Blessing, but I can assure you it is very interesting. Have fun watching this video clip, and see what you make of it. One of the interesting things is how the Toronto Blessing has moved into the mainstream charismatic movement. The Anglican Evangelical Church in [Read More...]

Echoes from Canterbury

Fr Christopher blogs hereĀ on the latest lunacy from Lambeth. It seems a lady bishop from the The Episcopal Church has accused bishops from the developing world of beating their wives. She assumes this is true because wife beating is part of the culture they come from. Once again we’re in the deliciously ironic situation of [Read More...]

Kolbe and Therese

I was delighted to learn that Maximillian Kolbe visited Lisieux before his mission to Japan to pray to Therese, who wanted to be a missionary and is the patroness of missions. It’s always cool to see the way the saints work together. Here a Polish pope and an Albanian nun. There a French nun and [Read More...]

Protestant Charismatic Snake Handlers

As some readers may have picked up, I’m always fascinated by the lunatic fringe of religion. Here’s some information on the real famous snake handlers of America’s Appalachian region: What’s interesting is that it is not something which is dying out. The article here was written in 2003. Indeed, the practice is spreading. I also [Read More...]

Islamic Snake Handler

No, she’s not a Protestant Charismatic Snake Handler from Tennessee. She’s a Sufi –a spiritual strain of the Islamic religion. Geesh, those charismatic snake handlers get around! I wonder if the Sufis have ever heard of the Toronto Blessing where worshippers swoon, fall down, break out in uncontrollable laugher. Some of them grunt like pigs, [Read More...]