School Sex Abuse Scandal

Here is my latest article for InsideCatholic. [Read more...]

Danny Gospel

Is there any decent fiction being written by Christians today? Notice I’ve said ‘fiction written by Christians’ and not ‘Christian fiction.’ I’d define the first as fiction that stands on its own as a well written piece of literature, and the second as fiction that either appeals only to Christians because it is set in [Read More...]

The Three (Reverend) Tenors

Who says Catholics can’t sing? Here’s a story¬†about three Irish priests who have signed a record contract with Sony. There’s a video link of them singing and discussing the record deal. How can you dislike the Irish? [Read more...]

Bad News

It seems that the motu proprio of last July was not sufficient to bring the Society of St Pius X back into full communion with the Holy See. This article reports the decision of their leadership to continue on the path of schism rather than pursue the path of reconciliation. I guess those who opined [Read More...]

Husband of the Year 4

…and the contestant from Poland [Read more...]

Husband of the Year 3

The contestant from the United States of America [Read more...]