Man Healed by Becoming Catholic

Went out for dinner with some friends last evening and was told the story of how (we’ll call him Brian) who was an Anglican priest, fell and hurt his head. He was seriously disabled, with inability to do his job, lack of balance, inability to read, amnesia and various other symptoms. His young wife had [Read More...]

The Pope in Sydney

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Knife Crime in UK

Knife crime is at epidemic proportions in Britain’s inner cities, with an attack of some kind taking place every four minutes. In London alone 21 young people have been stabbed to death this year. A church group has come up with a new solution. It’s reported here. The suggestion is that church leaders should move [Read More...]

Biblical Criticism

Some time ago I read a book by a guy who says he lost his Catholic faith when he began to study science and discovered that there was no evidence for the existence of angels. Duuh. Angels are non materialistic beings. Trying to devise a trap for an angel is like trying to make a [Read More...]

Kitty Stands Up for Tradition!

This article from the Daily Telegraph says Mrs Schori will be asking the ABC to stop parishes and diocese defecting from her church because it ‘goes against tradition’. It’s okay, of course, to break with tradition and have female clergy and homosexual bishops. Come along, Mrs. Schori. This is a ¬†“new and fresh direction of [Read More...]

Evangelistic Enterprise

This evening at St Mary’s we’re having a modest event to share the faith with others. Challenging Catholics¬†is an opportunity for the general public to ask questions about the Catholic faith. We have put together a panel of ‘experts’ who will each take an area of questions. An MC will ask the questions and there [Read More...]