More Anglican News

Here’s another fascinating news story to come out of England. The Church of England General Synod is meeting at this time. Tomorrow they debate women’s ordination to the Episcopate. Monday they vote. The Daily Telegraph reveals here that a group of senior Church of England bishops has gone to the Vatican to discuss the crisis with [Read More...]

Star Wars

I’ve been reading a book by Chet Raymo called Skeptics and True Believers. As a scientist he tries to pull of a quasi religious sense of awe by invoking the vastness of outer space and the billions and billions of years that the world has been in existence. This one has always baffled me. Who cares [Read More...]


I have a personal policy to at least try to read all books that people give me to read. Reading a book not of my choice,  I reckon, is God’s way of teaching me new things.  As a result I have just finished The Ottaviani Intervention which was given me by a traditionalist Catholic. It’s a [Read More...]

Catholic Combox Thought Police

Now children, fight nice.  Remember in the combox not to threaten anyone. It’s scary.  Remember that anonymous entries are not allowed, and I don’t think it’s very nice manners to use pseudonyms either. It’s like wearing a mask to a party.  Try to keep to the post you are actually commenting on. Great long rants [Read More...]

Pagan Christianity

The insightful Carl Olson posts here on a new (yet wearingly old) attempt to discredit the established churches because their origins are pagan. This time the attack comes not from your polyester suit fundamentalists, but from some hip and groovy ‘emergent church’ types. Think Chick tract in jeans and T-shirt with a iPod. Olson’s post [Read More...]

Lady Bishops?

Here’s a spirited debate by two members of the Church of England on whether or not to have women bishops. If you are opposed to this innovation, take time to read George Pitcher’s arguments in favor. It’s a good exercise in trying to understand the other side’s point of view. Most of all, take time [Read More...]