Visit to the Stick Village

In the town of La Herradura there is a stick village. The town is on the edge of the mangrove swamps, and to reclaim some land the people hammer long sticks into the mud to create an enclosure. They then scoop the smelly tidal mud inside the stick enclosure until it builds up to a [Read More...]

Smeagol’s Friend

“I wants to be a Catholic deacon too after I finishes Smeagol’s work of wrecking The Shire…” (Note: this is a snap of Gordon Brown–soon to be Prime Minister of Britain– in his student days.. This post is a sequel to this one) [Read more...]

El Salvador Survivors

20% of El Salvador’s GNP comes in the form of US dollars sent back to El Salvador by family members who have made the long journey to the USA to find work. 16% of the population of El Salvador live in extreme poverty. This means they live on less than $1.00 a day. We’re talking [Read More...]

Living by Faith

Imagine this: a poor peasant in El Salvador is born in the 1960s. Let’s call her Anita. She was baptized. She was lucky. She went to school until third grade, and then was pulled out to work in the fields to help support her family. She lived in the same village her whole life. Her [Read More...]


My Evangelical friend David comments that a missionary friend of his went to Brazil and was dismayed to find Catholics there bound by superstition, Pelagianism (the belief in salvation by works) and the repetition of vain rituals to please a demanding God. What are we to say to such charges? First of all, our sincere [Read More...]

The Mission Impossible Team

Left to Right: Maureen- mission team ‘Mom’. John – very bright. Just graduated a year early, and off to Gordon College to study oceanography. A true eccentric, he wore long pants and long sleeves all week, and went to the prom with both he and his date dressed in outfits made from duct tape Norah [Read More...]