Catholic Church Alive in UK

Melanie McDonagh writes here on how the Catholic Church is thriving in the UK. [Read more...]

The Conservative Evangelical Problem

In the present fuss over homosexualism and women bishops the conservative Evangelicals are upset because the liberal Protestants are overturning Scripture and traditional Christian morality. I’m on their side of course, but the conservative Evangelicals have a more fundamental philosophical problem: They were initially founded by a group of people who, in their day, were [Read More...]

More Anglican Developments

The ABC (Archbishop of Canterbury) has spoken out against the Gafcon group who have now formed a group called FOCA (Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans) The Daily Telegraph reports here. It’s a busy time for the ABC. This week he has the General Synod–the Anglican parliament debating women bishops. In addition to the Conservative Evangelicals rebelling [Read More...]


For those of you who like unusual Catholic finery, processions, relics, vestments and various other traditional outfits, customs and unusual knick knacks, check out NLM’s post on the colorful processions in Malta for the start of the Pauline year.  The picture here shows the canopy called a conopeum in use which is only granted to [Read More...]

SS Peter and Paul in Rome

New Liturgical Movement has great photographs from today’s papal Mass to celebrate SS Peter and Paul. Wonderful to see Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople alongside Pope Benedict. The picture above shows Archbishops from around the world swearing their oath of allegiance to the successor of Peter at Peter’s tomb. They then receive the pallium–the yoke like [Read More...]

Another Anglican first.

Just when you thought the Anglicans didn’t have any more surprises up their sleeve, here’s today’s news: a Church of England bishop has ordained his wife. You can read all about it here. That would be Rt. Rev. Nigel McCullough and Rev. Mrs. McCullough in the photograph.  I wonder if they share clerical shirts. That [Read More...]