Father Brown

Yes, that’s just the sort of hat I’m looking for, and you’re right, that’s famous convert Alec (Obi Wan) Guiness as Fr Brown. [Read more...]

Priest’s Hats

I’m really pleased with my biretta, and wonder where I can get a nice black zuchetto and one of those wide brimmed, low crowned hats like Chesterton’s Fr Brown used to wear. Any ideas? [Read more...]

Ad Orientem 5

Fr. Newman’s final letter explaining ad orientem celebration of the Mass. [Read more...]


For all you biretta spotters out there… [Read more...]

Personal Relationship with Jesus

As an Evangelical I always heard people talking about the importance of a ‘personal relationship with Jesus’. The problem is, no one ever said what this actually meant. I wanted to know, what exactly is a ‘personal relationship with Jesus.’? I mean, what happens? How do you know you have a personal relationship with Jesus? [Read More...]

Spiritual Workout

Here’s my latest article for National Catholic Register. Just a few words of encouragement for Lent. [Read more...]