Muslim Intolerance in Britain

Anglican bishop Michael Nazir-Ali (who’s family immigrated to Britain, who’s father converted from Islam to Catholicism and who is a convert from Catholicism to Anglicanism) warns that certain parts of Britain are being taken over by extremist elements of the predominantly Muslim population, making these parts of Britain dangerous for Christians. When will liberal Christians [Read More...]

Church Militant or Church Mollified

In conversation with a young seminarian last week we were discussing the problems within the Catholic Church. My own opinion is that the problems have little to do with all the external things we focus on: choice of hymns, type of liturgy, church architecture, preaching styles, etc. etc. etc. All these things are important, but [Read More...]

Going for Baroque

A commenter notes about Benedict XVI’s more exalted taste in regalia that he doesn’t think Peter the fisherman would be comfortable in such outfits. This is a commonplace argument when faced with the glories of Catholic regalia, liturgy, music or architecture. “What!” says the tourist when faced with an Austrian baroque church, “this is hardly [Read More...]

More Papal Regalia

More recent photographs of the papal regalia. h/t Roving Medievalist. [Read more...]

Go to Church ladies

Says here women are more likely to get depressed and turn to drink if they let their religion lapse… [Read more...]

Mother of God at the Poolside

Last year the attendance for the Mass for the Solemnity of the Mother of God was poor so the parish pastor decided to have just one Mass today. Happily the church was packed. Our splendid choir sang, there were seventeen perfectly drilled young male servers. Fr Michael Cassabon–our newly ordained priest was home from Rome [Read More...]