One of the reasons I’m not blogging very much at the moment is because I’m working my way through the TV version of Brideshead Revisited. It really is probably the most perfect screen adaption of any novel ever. The only possible fault is Anthony Andrews’ Sebastian. He’s a bit too spoilt and self pitying. My [Read More...]

Tale of Two Churches

Here is my latest article–published this weekend in the National Catholic Register. It points out that there are two churches within the modern Christian Church: one that is interested in happiness here and the other in happiness hereafter. One tries to make the world a better place and make people feel better. The other is [Read More...]

Didja missme?

Sorry I’ve been absent from the blogosphere recently. I’ve been too busy shopping for new glasses to blog. I’m off on retreat now and will get back to it on my return… [Read more...]

Anglo Islam

The ABC (Archbishop of Canterbury) thinks having Islamic Sharia law in Britain is not such a bad thing. Read the report here. I’m not good with the graphics thing, but can anybody doctor this photograph? He’s got the beard, just add a turban or something… [Read more...]

A Peaceful Religion?

A dear friend of mine, when faced with anti-Catholic bigotry expressed her bewilderment and said quite simply, “I don’t think I hate any religion, but I like Islam the least.” It is hard to remain calm and open minded about Islam. What I find difficult is the stupidity of some Muslims. Some time ago there [Read More...]

Catholic Liturgy Today

We have Curt Jester to thank for these shapshots of Catholic liturgy. A friend and fellow convert called me last week just about at his wits’ end with the music in his parish. Three ancient crones with one guitar squawking out the latest goofy song as a recessional, “We can make a difference…we can make [Read More...]