Big Bad Baby Bill

Evidently Bill Clinton is not only a sex pest, a liar and a shameless opportunist, but a poor loser as well. Read it here. [Read more...]

Preests and Catz

I’m afraid I am not a cat lover, my favorite cat poem being the one by Ogden Nash: The bad thing about a kitten is that Eventually it becomes a cat. Yes, you may now hurl your kitty litter at me… Nevertheless, I allowed the children to have two kittens when we moved here. They [Read More...]

Orthodox Anglicanism

My entrance into Anglicanism many years ago, while I was a student at Bob Jones University, was through a little Anglican breakaway church called ‘The Anglican Orthodox Church’. The word ‘orthodoxy’ is used by Anglicans not to indicate an affiliation with the churches of the East, but to claim that they are holding to the [Read More...]

Anglicans in Agony

The Lambeth Conference is approaching. This is the once-a-decade meeting of all the Bishops of the Anglican communion. At least it is supposed to be all the bishops. Instead many bishops are boycotting the conference because of the continuing fisticuffs over homosexuality. The conservatives from the developing world are having an alternative conference in Jerusalem. [Read More...]

Apologia Excerpts

Fr Philips posts here on his re-reading of Newman’s Apologia [Read more...]

Monsenor Oscar Romero

In El Salvador we visited this chapel where Archbishop Romero was assassinated. The words on the wall behind the altar read, “At this altar Archbishop Romero offered his life for the people.” It was a quiet summer morning, and a woman was arranging flowers by the altar. There was a great sense of sadness and holiness [Read More...]