A reader sent this quotation from his grandmother when he asked why she was a Catholic: “All these sacred texts show quite clearly that Jesus Christ must live in you; that you must not live except in Him; that His life must be your life, and your life must be a continuation and expression of [Read More...]

History of the Biretta

Can anyone out there give us the true history of the biretta? I had read that it had its origins as a kind of crown worn by delegates of the emperor when the church was based in Byzantium. I liked this because the priest stands for Christ the King in the liturgy and as a [Read More...]

Anglican Group to be Received?

The gossip continues about the overtures that the Traditional Anglican Communion have made to the Vatican. David Virtue reports on it here. Some folks say that Rome is putting the finishing touches on an system for the TAC to be received en bloc in the same way that, say, this Assyrian group has recently come [Read More...]

Pray More

Fr Ray has a good short post on St Benedict and chastity. The upshot of it is…pray more. [Read more...]

Sitwell and Monroe

Here’s Marilyn Monroe with Dame Edith Sitwell. I’m always amused when celebrities from different worlds meet. Did you know T.S.Eliot carried on a correspondence with Groucho Marx? They were mutual fans.  When they met in London they discussed cigars, cats and jokes. Evelyn Waugh was also friends with Edith Sitwell, and stood as godfather at [Read More...]

Ups and Downs

Sorry not much blogging this week. School ended and I’ve been sort of coasting. Mind in neutral, a few hours each day at school cleaning my office and desk, then chilling out at the pool. I was tempted to buy a motorcycle this week, justifying it as a necessary extra form of transportation for our [Read More...]