No Blogging for Holy Week

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Public School Predators

Here’s more news about the sexual predators who infest our public school system in America. Apparently the problem is at epidemic proportions across the country. But why doesn’t anybody stop to think about the root of the problem? In the secular youth culture it is considered sporting to bed anyone you like whenever you like. [Read More...]

Its Not Easy Being Green

Here are some spoof excerpts from a recent politically correct Stations of the Cross. Actually, one of the paragraphs below is the real thing. A prize for the readers who can spot the authentic eco station. In the station ‘Veronica Meets Jesus on the Way to the Cross’ Isobel Florsheim portrayed Veronica as a native [Read More...]

Ian Paisley Gives St Patrick Thumbs Up

Fiery fundamentalist anti-Catholic preacher Ian Paisley has softened in recent years. He said some time ago that he ‘loves Catholics.’ He has compromised to share power with his former enemies in Northern Ireland and here he says that he preaches about St Patrick every year and thinks St Patrick’s Day would be a good public [Read More...]

What Do I Miss?

What do I miss about England? Being in London for the day and taking a few minutes to pop into the National Gallery to see this picture. [Read more...]

Pierre Toussaint

Don’t you love learning about the saints? All of them are so different, so unexpected, so surprising. Here’s a slave, who goes to Mass every morning, becomes a hairdresser in New York City, counsels rich ladies about their spiritual lives as he does their hair, ends up being granted his freedom, makes a lot of [Read More...]