Asceticism in America

A friend of mine has been reading about the Cure d’Ars and commented that he didn’t think the Cure’s asceticism would be understood in our society. Strange isn’t it, that people in or society are willing to work, sweat, fast and put themselves through considerable pain and embarrassment– (you think the clothes people wear to [Read More...]

Abortion Survivors

Britain’s Daily Mail reports this story of a little boy who survived an attempted abortion. H/T to the Blue Boar [Read more...]

The Curmudgeon is Back

I was greeted first thing this morning at school by a reader of the blog who said, “The curmudgeon is back!” He was referring to a few of my recent posts which assumed a tone which was (ahem) shall we say, somewhat more opinionated than my usual meek and mild, sweetness and light attitude. My [Read More...]

Know Popery

The town of Lewes in Sussex, England, still has a traditional bonfire where they burn an effigy of the Pope. This custom used to be commonplace across England on 5 November –Guy Fawkes Night. Lots of towns still have bonfires and fireworks, but Lewes is one of the few towns that keeps the full fire [Read More...]

Al Bore

The Daily Telegraph has this brilliantly common sense article on global warming. If you have any doubts about the stupidity of Al Gore’s latest apocalyptic warnings this should put them to rest. What tickles me about the whole global warming because of CO2 nonsense is the way secular activists have bought the whole conspiracy, apocalyptic [Read More...]

Anglican Agony

The Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh is planning to withdraw from the Episcopal Church. The Bishop, Bob Duncan, has received a this letter of stern warning from presiding bishop Katherine Jefferts Schori. Bishop Duncan has given this pugnacious reply. Anglicans the world over are facing the divide within their church which is now clearly evident. It [Read More...]