The Chair of Peter

We’re told that Moses ‘sat down’ to deliver the judgments interpreting the law (Exodus 18:13) and Jesus refers to this tradition when he says the Scribes and Pharisees occupy the ‘Seat of Moses’ (Mt.23.2) So from these two Scriptural details we can infer several things: the Jews had not only the written Scriptures, but an [Read More...]

All your Dreams Really Can Come True…

Looks like I was wrong. She’s not Lady McBeth, she’s Ronald McDonald [Read more...]

Inside Liturgy

Here’s my latest article for the Crisis Magazine’s website Inside Catholic. It’s called What in the Liturgy is Going On? [Read more...]

Go To Hell

If you want an easy to read introduction to The Inferno check out Paul Thigpen’s excellent book (with an awful title) My Visit to Hell. It is a fantastic version of The Inferno written as a modern novel. The hero enters hell through a storm sewer in the slums of modern day Atlanta. Dante’s infernal [Read More...]

Some Cool Inferno Stuff

There is a cool interactive, online tour of Dante’s hell at and the University of Texas has an excellent website which allows you to learn your way around hell at A less professional, but fun website that helps you interact with Dante’s whole work is found at [Read more...]

Raging Inferno

Enough of Waugh already. I’m starting to re-read Dante’s Divine Comedy for Lent. I usually start on Ash Wednesday, but got delayed. I hope readers won’t mind some more literary posts. [Read more...]