Our Lady of Guadalupe

As part of our pro life emphasis for October, today at school mass we had the missionary image of Our Lady of Guadalupe. The missionary image is a perfect facsimile of the real image in Mexico. After Mass the students filed forward to venerate the image. It was moving to see them reach out and [Read More...]

Suffering Servant

When I survey the wondrous crossOn which the prince of glory diedMy richest gain I count by lossand pour contempt on all my pride. [Read more...]

Get Ready

New attacks on Christian belief in the increasingly Stalin-esque United Kingdom. This Christian couple have helped 30 children in foster care over the years. Now they’re being sacked because they won’t endorse homosexuality and tell an 11 year old about the homosexual lifestyle. [Read more...]

Abortion in Britain

The government in Britain and the medical establishment are working together to resist any lowering of the present 24 week abortion limit. Despite the fact that premature babies at just 23 weeks gestation born and nurtured in British intensive care units have a pretty good survival rate, they are still refusing to lower the time [Read More...]

Look Ma, No Hands!

The Daily Telegraph reports that Padre Pio faked his stigmata with carbolic acid. What next? The insane thing about those who attack the Catholic Church is that they often say that Catholic beliefs are incredible, yet they push out stuff like this. In recent years we’ve had Pius XII–Hitler’s Pope, all the DaVinci Code junk, [Read More...]

Vote Now!

Go on! See if we can make it up to ten votes… [Read more...]