Counter Knowledge

Damian Thompson comments on the conspiracy theories surrounding the death of Diana Princess of Wales, the conspiracy that the US government planned the 9/11 attacks and a new theory that Facebook is a front by CIA to spy on people. Damian’s new book is about what he calls ‘counterknowledge’. It is a study of conspiracy [Read More...]

The Villain of the Piece


Is divorce a crime? One of the greatest aspects of Brideshead Revisited is to observe the results of Lord Marchmain’s abandonment of his family. He claims on his deathbed that ‘We were fighting for freedom. I took my freedom. Was that a crime?’ In a devastating moment Cordelia (as always) speaks the truth. “I think [Read More...]

Demographic Winter

Go here for the trailer of a new documentary film on the coming demographic crisis as the population in developed countries continues to plummet. Demographic Winter looks fantastic. I’ll be getting it to show at school. [Read more...]

Big Bad Bill

Click here to see Big Bad Bill get mad when faced with pro life supporters. Are Bill and Hillary trustworthy? Here’s the man who twice vetoed the ban on partial birth abortion, trying to claim credit for bringing down abortion and teen pregnancy numbers. Go figure. UPDATE: Bill’s tirade happened at Steubenville. There is more [Read More...]

St Methodius

I understand yesterday was the memorial of St Methodius. He’s the founder of the Methodist Church right? [Read more...]

The Case for Cordelia


Consider Cordelia. Her faith is just as certain as Bridey’s, but it is faith from the heart and faith in action. What are Cordelia’s virtues? She not only has a sense of humor, she has a sense of humor about her faith: nice touch calling her pig ‘Francis Xavier’ She also has a down to [Read More...]