Pope’s Blessing

Benedict XVI blesses the faithful on Christmas Day. Vatican watchers have observed that Benedict chooses to wear much more traditional vestments and papal regalia. Check out the tall miter. Shawn Tribe tells us that the pope’s is wearing a cope embroidered in gold that was John XXIII’s together with a mitre of Pope Benedict XV… [Read More...]

Merry Christmas to All

Welcome all wonders in one sightEternity shut in a spanSummer in Winter,Day in NightHeaven in Earth, God in ManGreat Little One, Whose All embracing BirthLifts Earth to HeavenStoops Heaven to Earth –Richard Crashaw [Read more...]

Catholicism UK’s top Religion

The Daily Telegraph reports that Catholics attending mass outnumber members of the established Church of England. Pentecostals come in third. Lest Catholics crow in triumph, the increase in numbers is not attributable to the dynamic state of the Catholic church in Britain, but it can be put down to the large numbers of Eastern European [Read More...]

Tony Blair a Catholic

The Daily Telegraph reports Tony Blair’s reception into the Catholic Church. I don’t think it’s fair to take easy pot shots at Blair because of his previous views on abortion, gay rights etc. We should give everyone the benefit of the doubt and give him a warm welcome. People do change their minds about certain [Read More...]

Open Mouth Insert Foot

Archbishop Rowan Williams has publicly debunked the traditional Nativity as ‘legend’. Anyone who has read the New Testament in detail will know that the stuff of medieval paintings, crib scenes and Christmas cards include a good deal of non-Biblical ‘embroidery’. However, one doesn’t need to deconstruct all of that to somehow prove one’s intellectual credentials. [Read More...]

Merrie Ole England…hic

If you’re squeamish don’t read this article. It reports the disturbing rise of female binge drinking in the UK, and of course, the attendant rise in unwanted pregnancies, abortion and sexually transmitted infections. G.K.Chesterton said “Every argument is a theological argument.” Behind alcoholism is despair and behind despair is the lack of anything to live [Read More...]