Hail Holy Queen

The gospel reading for the Queenship of Mary is the story of the Annunciation, and what struck me at Mass today was the fact that the royal status of Mary was established on earth historically before it was established in heaven. First of all it was established because Mary was the wife of Joseph, who, [Read More...]

Dust to Dust

If you’re interested you can read the whole story of Leona Helmsley–the super rich New Yorker who died the other day. Phew! What a tale! She had it all, but died like everyone else: naked as the day she was born. Reminds me of the story of what the priest said at the billionaire’s funeral. [Read More...]

Captain Canuck and friends

In my recent post of Spiderman, I commented that the superhero is a particularly American phenomenon. I was wrong. A disgruntled Canadian commented politely that there are plenty of Canadian superheroes. Captain Canuck is one, but my favorite after a few moments of quick viewing is Major Mapleleaf–pictured here. I apologize profusely to all spandex [Read More...]

Carl Olson

If you don’t read Carl Olson’s blog Insight Scoop you ought to. He comments on news, popular culture, literature, theology and churchy stuff. His style is always brisk, smart and he spends far more time researching and providing great links in his posts than I could ever do.Carl’s a convert from conservative Evangelicalism. He’s written [Read More...]

A Baptist, Tolkien and the Blessed Virgin

Sheepcat tells a sweet story about how a Baptist scholar helped him toward a devotion to Our Lady, and ultimately into communion with the Catholic Church. [Read more...]

A Spiritual Genius

I’m re-reading The Story of a Soul and I never re-read it without reading The Last Conversations as well. What I find so exciting about Therese is that she is so fantastically subversive. There she is as a little bourgeois French girl traipsing into the convent with little girly girly images of God and being [Read More...]