No Joke

Apparently the Curt Jester thinks my blog is funny. He even thinks my threat to pull out of the Catholic Church to form the Foursquare American Catholic Apostolic Church of the Zuchetto Reform is some kind of joke. Let me tell you Mister Curt Jester. I am really angry about this. You don’t seem to [Read More...]

Clarification on Schismatic Group

I’ve had a very useful clarification from a reader in my combox. I would like all readers to know that Bishop Williamson and the other members of Society of St Pius X are not schismatic. They have been consecrated as bishops without permission from the Pope, and their consecration went on in direct defiance of [Read More...]

Those ‘Williamson’ film reviews…

A reader comments on my SSPX spoof film reviews: Most of my mom’s family is in the SSPX and they all believe this stuff. I mean they think that 99% of all disney movies are bad. They don’t like Bambi because it is anti-hunter, Dumbo because he is guided by a male character into fame [Read More...]

No Bacon

Read here about a secular New York Jew who tried to live according to every rule in the Bible for a year. He even tried to ‘pray without ceasing.’ [Read more...]

Dickie Williamson Takes on Lassie

More from the newly unearthed Richard Williamson film review archives: My dear people, I need to speak to you today about a painful topic. I want to warn you and your children about the dangers of the insidious television program and film series ‘Lassie’. To many people this appears to be nothing but a sweet [Read More...]

UK Intolerance

The Owl of the Remove warns of imminent persecution against Catholics in Britain in this perceptive post. [Read more...]