Spiritual Workout

Here’s my latest article for National Catholic Register. Just a few words of encouragement for Lent. [Read more...]

Padre Pio Exhumed

Roving Medievalist links here to a BBC news story about the exhumation of Padre Pio’s body. There is a link through to a BBC video about it as well. Digging up saints’ bodies. It all so Catholic. It’s easy to make fun of such things if you’re not Catholic, but it’s a reminder that we [Read More...]

Detail from Ghent Altarpiece

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Lies Damnable Lies

This article shows that the famous ‘autobiography’ about monstrous Irish nuns running sweat shop laundries in Ireland is pure fiction. [Read more...]

No Thanks

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Pink or Rose?

Can a real man wear rose vestments? It’s a bit tricky. Those of us who strive to be liturgically correct still shy away from pink. There are too many flamingos out there, and pink is too hot a color for other reasons… But here are some decent rose vestments. They’ve found muted colors and avoided [Read More...]