St Andrew is my favorite apostle. Here’s why: I love the story of him at the feeding of the 5000. The disciples are disturbed by the hungry crowd and ask Jesus to do something about it. He tells them to do something about it. They grumble that there’s not enough money to buy food for [Read More...]

Christus Rex

I can remember being rather irritated once to hear an earnest Anglican clergyman refer to ‘the commonwealth of God’ in a sermon. He had clearly changed the language because he thought all this talk of ‘kings and kingdoms’ was not really terribly politically correct. Afterwards I raised the subject with him. He explained that Jesus [Read More...]

Mont St Michel

Fr Ray has a post with some good links about Mont St Michel. A French traditionalist monastic order now has an outpost there, and the worship is traditional and impressive. Mont St Michel is one of the stops on my upcoming tour of Northern France. Click on the banner above for more information. [Read more...]

Pope Benedict Discusses Anglican Petition

This news item from CNA reports recent discussions in the Vatican about the increasing numbers of Anglicans and Episcopalians who wish to become Catholics. Certainly this is referring to the recent letter from the Traditional Anglican Communion asking for sacramental unity with the Catholic Church.Positive steps forward are very possible with this pope. It should [Read More...]

Happy Thanksgiving

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Benedict and Bartholomew

There has been some exciting progress forward in the quest for unity between the Catholic and Orthodoxy Churches. The Shriners at Holy Whapping have the story. What interests me about this is the shriners paragraph on authority. The major excitement about this story is that the Eastern Orthodox have agreed that in the early church [Read More...]