Cathedral Quiz 2

No. 1 was too easy. You have to get them all right. Is anyone able to identify this exquisite example? [Read more...]

Cathedral Quiz

A reader sent me this photograph. Not knowing what it was, I thought I’d open a competition for readers to identify the building. Large cash prizes will be given to all winners… [Read more...]

Married Priests

I see there is a little debate in the combox about married clergy-pro and con, and I’ve been asked for my thoughts. Many people wish to make a case for or against married clergy from a utilitarian argument. In other words, “celibate clergy have more time for their people and are more easily deployed where [Read More...]

St John Vianney Seminary

h/t American Papist [Read more...]

Lost for Words

Today at school our little chapel was full of middle school students for daily Mass in celebration of the Annunciation. My heart was full. There was so much going on spiritually in that small space, that I am lost for words. First of all is the beauty of twenty or thirty middle school students who [Read More...]

Testimony of a Convert

Mikael is a fellow from my RCIA class at St Mary’s. He, along with 22 others, was received into the Church on Easter Eve. Mikael is a big burly guy with shaved head and goatee. He’s a truck driver, veteran of the first Gulf War, and a former Baptist. He also makes the most amazing [Read More...]