Church Competition

On the top is the a building in Tuscany, Italy. Below it is a building in Middlesborough, England. I am running a competition to see which building readers think is a Catholic Church, and which one they think might be a dentist’s office. Here’s an article I wrote for Touchstone Magazine some time ago about [Read More...]

Long Ago and Far Away

The combox on the previous post has been buzzing with a good discussion about authority in the Church, and I thought it might illuminate matters if I moved from theory to personal experience. It seems long ago and far away when I was an Anglican priest in England. Then and there in the 1980s the [Read More...]

Disagreements, Difficulties and Division

We Catholics are prone to point out the fissiparous nature of Protestantism, and observe that this is the result of the sixteenth century break from the unified authority structure of the Catholic Church. On this blog I have commented on the continuing disintegration of Anglican unity, and not a few times have lamented the fact [Read More...]

Latter Day Knight

It may be that I am simply becoming even more of a grumpy old man, but the older I get, the more I feel that onset of what can only be called “the warrior mentality”. That is to say, I am increasingly convinced that there is no forward motion without friction, you can’t make omelettes [Read More...]

ECUSA Diocese of Fort Worth plans to pull out

Here is the correspondence between Bishop of Fort Worth, Jack Iker and presiding Bishop-ette Mrs Schori. Tough talk from both sides as yet another Episcopal Diocese plans to pull out of the ECUSA. I like this line from Bishop Iker: “I must remind you that 25 years ago this month, the newly formed Diocese of [Read More...]


Here’s a cool video from the French Abbey of Fontgombault. This is one of the places we’ll be visiting on the pilgrimage tour of France I am leading in the Spring. Don’t miss it! Click on the banner above for full information. [Read more...]