Bishop Williamson writes…

A cache of previously unpublished reviews by the famous film critic (and would be Catholic bishop) Dickie Williamson has recently come to light. Here’s his take on that notorious film Mary Poppins. Mary Poppins is a blasphemous mockery of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Not only does she have the same name as the Blessed Virgin, [Read More...]

Roller Tunes

Don’t you just have to love the human race? [Read more...]

The Hills Are Alive…

Damian Thompson posts traditionalist schismatic Bishop Richard Williamson’s views on The Sound of Music. Apparently the old warhorse musical is practically pornographic. Read it and see if this SSPX bishop doesn’t make Bob Jones University look downright liberal. [Read more...]

Wot no Zuchetto?

I have been informed by a reader that a papal indult is required for a parish priest to wear a zuchetto. Can this be true? No one need worry. I don’t want to wear a purple or red or white one. I’m happy for bishops and cardinals and the pope to have those colors. I [Read More...]

Yobs, Asbos, Chavs and Toffs

Following the dumb yank, dumb Brit post, here’s a smart article sent by a reader that analyzes modern Britons abroad. Be warned dear UK readers, it ain’t nice to the yobs, asbos, chavs and toffs. [Read more...]

Father Brown

Yes, that’s just the sort of hat I’m looking for, and you’re right, that’s famous convert Alec (Obi Wan) Guiness as Fr Brown. [Read more...]