Why No News

The news blackout on the March for Life this year is truly astounding. So far, looking online with Google searches I have found one article that reports that 4,500 people were involved in the protest. 4500!!??!!?? Meanwhile this report from the Associated Press and this report from AFP and this report from the BBC simply [Read More...]


Been to March for Life with two bus loads of high school students. More later. UPDATE: American Papist has the first videos and pictures of this year’s March Amy Welborn also links to this blogger’s slideshow from the march [Read more...]

Kitty Comes Out Swinging

Episcopal Presiding Bishop Kate (Kitty) Jefferts-Schori has come out swinging against those who are against the trend of the Episcopal Church becoming a gay-lesbi-trans religious sect. You can read the whole story here. In response to the Diocese of San Joaquin’s withdrawal from the Protestant denomination, Kitty has inhibited the Diocesan bishop from all priestly [Read More...]

United Methodist Pastor Comes Home

Rev Allen Hunt, pastor of the third largest United Methodist Church in the world is to resign his ministry and be received into full communion with the Catholic Church. You can read his statement here. Welcome home Allen! May your new ministry be blessed abundantly, and as you come, may your Evangelical insights, deep faith [Read More...]

Vote Longenecker for President

All of the pollsters in the current presidential race report the same phenomenon. They like some things about some candidates, but not everything about any candidate. To date, not one candidate pulls together all the great qualities of each candidate. They like Fred Thompson’s star appeal and policies. They like John McCain’s tough guy stance. [Read More...]

Tiresome Preachers

Fr Ray of St Mary Magdalene, Brighton on boring preachers. What I don’t get is this: when you’re up there preaching you can see the people. You can tell if they’re sleeping. You can actually see when they are bored to tears. Why then, do preachers week in and week out continue to preach poorly [Read More...]