Dear Old England

After recent posts lamenting the decline of England a British reader has sweetly asked what I love about England. Here it is in no particular order: Walking the South Downs Way with a black labrador. The Long Man of Wilmington. Visiting castles. Fawlty Towers. The North Cornwall Coastal path. Sausages. Mustard. Sticky Toffee Pudding. Custard. [Read More...]

Staggering News

More evidence that Britain is descending into a drunken stupor. This article reports that Britain is top of the list for child and teen drunks and that Brits now drink more even than the Russians. Sad, sad news. I love England, and hate to see this. [Read more...]

Leaving to Get Married

There has been some comment in the combox about a Catholic priest named Fr Francis Mary Stone. I was unfamiliar with this story and did a quick check. He is the host of an EWTN program, and has stepped down to ‘discern his vocation’ after ‘getting involved with a widow.’ Our Scottish friend asks, “…just [Read More...]

Dumb and Dumber

Are Americans really dumber than other people? One of the favorite snobbish British laughs is about how dumb Americans are about geography. “They don’t have passports! They don’t even know whether Moscow is in Russia or Italy! How dumb can they be?” This is certainly true. I picked up a hitchhiker in Virginia once who, [Read More...]


Pope John Paul gets to the pearly gates and St Peter says, “Well, it’s good to see you, but you know you were a bit hard on the women down there. They wanted to be priests and so forth, but you kept them down. So your penance is to walk around down there for a [Read More...]

Obama not Catholic Friendly

Deal Hudson writes here about Obama’s lack of Catholic credentials. [Read more...]