Abortion in Britain

The government in Britain and the medical establishment are working together to resist any lowering of the present 24 week abortion limit. Despite the fact that premature babies at just 23 weeks gestation born and nurtured in British intensive care units have a pretty good survival rate, they are still refusing to lower the time [Read More...]

Look Ma, No Hands!

The Daily Telegraph reports that Padre Pio faked his stigmata with carbolic acid. What next? The insane thing about those who attack the Catholic Church is that they often say that Catholic beliefs are incredible, yet they push out stuff like this. In recent years we’ve had Pius XII–Hitler’s Pope, all the DaVinci Code junk, [Read More...]

Vote Now!

Go on! See if we can make it up to ten votes… [Read more...]

Traditional Anglican Communion writes to Papa

Shawn Tribe reports on moves from one of the Anglican ‘continuing’ churches to establish ‘sacramental unity’ with Rome. I can’t keep up with all this. Traditional Anglicans are already welcome to establish ‘sacramental unity’ with Rome. It’s called being received into full communion with the Catholic Church a.k.a ‘becoming a Catholic.’ In a comment Fr. [Read More...]

Slogging Away

No blogging. Slogging away on my book The Gargoyle Code. It’s a Screwtape Letters take off. (If only I had an original idea !) It is designed to be read day by day through Lent. I’m in the process of finishing the book and looking for a publisher. I’ve finished week 5 and have two [Read More...]

Dressed as a Buffoon

This is by the Russian artist Vasnetov, who also painted the wonderful Mother of God pictured below. More of his work can be viewed here. [Read more...]