Summer vacation has arrived and I’ve got loads to do. After tidying up from the loose ends at school, I’m heading for El Salvador on Saturday for a week. I’m leading a school mission trip to help at the CIDECO community. CIDECO is a village built with help from the papal foundation. The poorest of [Read More...]

St Philip Neri and the Holy Spirit

For Pentecost, link here to read Fr Nicholas’ account of St Philip Neri’s experience of the Holy Spirit. St Philip founded the congregation of the Oratorians. Readers will know about the wonderful Brompton Oratory in London, but Fr Tim has been to preach at the just as fine Birmingham Oratory for the feast of St [Read More...]

First Holy communion

This is our youngest son Elias at his first Holy Communion a few weeks ago. [Read more...]

Gang of Four

Have you noticed how the most aggressive of the new atheists are all British? Left to Right are teh four most famous Christophobes: Scientist Richard Dawkins, Philosopher A.C.Grayling, Journalist Christopher Hitchens and children’s author Philip Pullman. Do authors create a trend in thought or express one that already exists in their society? I think it [Read More...]

Hitchen’s Book

I haven’t read Christopher Hitchen’s (photo of the charming chap to the right) intolerant rant, and enough other people have stood up to defend religion and demolish his sophomoric tirade. Carl Olson does a good job of rounding up the reviews here.There’s something else about it all that troubles me.Books matter. Ideas matter. Popular propaganda [Read More...]

Mass Among the Ruins

Joee Blogs posts some great photos of a recent Mass held in the ruins of St Augustine’s Abbey, in Canterbury, England. They could pull down the churches, but they can’t destroy the Church. [Read more...]