American Religious Shysters

You may have heard the names and adventures of Charles Taze Russell, Judge Rutherford , Mary Baker Eddy, Joseph Smith etc. etc. You can add famous dispensationalist Bible ‘scholar’ C.I. Scofield to the list of religious renegades and ne-er do wells. In a long line of American religious entrepreneurs, Scofield had a reputation as a [Read More...]


What happened to a blog called Catholodoxies by a young searcher called Irenaeus? [Read more...]

Five Things

Sheepcat has tagged me for five thing I love about Jesus. This is totally off the top of my head: 1. He loved children.2. He rebuked religious hypocrites.3. He spent lots of time praying alone.4. He cleansed the temple.5. He didn’t complain and didn’t explain. I tag Archistrategos; Catholic Mom of Ten; Fr Benedict at [Read More...]

The Healing Rosary

Just got news last week that my new book The Healing Rosary has been given the greenlight at Our Sunday Visitor for publication next Spring. Publication is one step. After that we’ve got to get people to 1. Buy the book 2. Read it… Every step in book production is harder than the last. [Read more...]

Jehovah’s Witnesses or Conservative Evangelicals?

Here are two timelines. The first one is a dispensationalist timeline. The outline of world history here is embraced by a huge number of American conservative Evangelicals. They’re the ones who buy into the whole hugely successful Left Behind series of books and films produced by Bob Jones graduate Tim LaHaye (and others) The bottom [Read More...]

Paganism and Catholicism

Over at Shrine of the Holy Whapping Drew was asking if anyone knew the origin of the bishop’s mitre. It reminded me that purveyors of the more wacky anti-Catholic propaganda believe the bishop’s mitre is derived from the ancient pagan religion of Dagon the fish god. (picture to the left) See how the priest’s headgear [Read More...]