Gandalf the Grey

Great image of Gandalf the Grey. The archetypal patriarch, hermit, wizard, prophet, holy man. He could be Elijah, Merlin, St Jerome, St Benedict, St Bruno, or Fr. Zossima of The Brothers Karamozov. [Read more...]

New Meme

I’ve been tagged for a meme by Peter over at Cum Grano Salis: Three non-fiction books everyone should read1. Saints and Sinners by Eamon Duffy – Brilliant history of the papacy2. The Hidden Face – by Ida Gorres – Classic study of Therese of Lisieux3. The Next Christendom – by Philip Jenkins – see that [Read More...]

David Questions Marian Devotion

For Mary’s month, an excerpt from the book I co-wrote with David Gustafson–Mary-A Catholic Evangelical Debate. This is from the chapter on Marian Devotion. David has been taking us on a little tour of the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception in Washington DC. He’s been describing the various chapels dedicated to the Blessed Virgin. As [Read More...]

Ascension Day

Can anybody explain why Ascension is celebrated on Sunday here? Is the Holy Day of Obligation shifted to a Sunday in order to make it easier for people to fulfill their obligation or so people will get a chance to celebrate Ascension? It seems daft to me, but what do I know, I’m only a [Read More...]

Our Lady of Caversham

Continuing my little ‘May is Mary’s Month’ series of Marian shrines of England, here is a little known shrine: Our Lady of Caversham. For a very nicely written history of the shrine link here. Some folks underestimate the destruction of the English Catholic Church during the time of the Reformation. They think it was simply [Read More...]

Quite an Eye-full

Fr Nicholas posts some interesting photos of relics of the English martyrs. Have a look. [Read more...]