More on Hell and Judgement

A comment on my last post questions my words, “Indeed, I wonder if it is really up to God as well. Yes, being the all powerful one, and the Almighty judge, he is the one who consigns souls to hell, but it is also true that we choose Hell.‘ The reader is concerned that I’ve [Read More...]

More on Hell

My post on universalism was pretty black and white because in many ways the best sermon to preach about hell has only two words, “Fear Hell.”However, the whole question is more subtle and interesting than that. I said I wanted there to be a hell for the brutes who abduct, torture and rape children, then [Read More...]

The Old Time Religion

Universalism is the sentimental false doctrine that everybody will be saved. It is widespread not only among the liberal Protestants, but amongst many Catholics. I’ve never understood how anyone with half a brain can subscribe to such a goofy creed. Doesn’t ordinary human decency demand hell for the depraved beast who stalks little girls, abducts [Read More...]


Take time for a little photo visit with Fr Tim to Pluscarden Abbey in Scotland. Suddenly I miss the UK. [Read more...]

St Bartholomew

“Can anything good come out of Nazareth?” Philip replied, “Come and see!” [Read more...]

Poke BahbeQ…

…as they say it here in the South. We had a back to school dance and social at St Joseph’s, complete with a vegetarian dinner. This is the vegetarian we roasted and had for dinner. [Read more...]