Hoarding Warning

Are you a hoarder or a chucker? Do you hoard stuff–never knowing when you might need it, or do you chuck stuff, always trying to live a simpler life? I’m more of a chucker than a hoarder, so here’s a story that will be a warning to all you hoarders out there… [Read more...]

The First Thanksgiving

The story of the real first Thanksgiving: It was bean soup. It was in Florida, and it was Catholic. Tomorrow instead of mashed sweet potato with marshmallows on top (yucchh!!) we’re going going to serve baked beans as a side dish. I suggest this should start a new Catholic American custom. [Read more...]

Another Episcopalian Bishop Comes Home

News is in that John Lipscomb, Bishop of Southwest Florida recently resigned and has announced his intention to be received into full communion with the Catholic Church. You can find his open letter here. (H/T Amy Welborn) Pray for him and his family and his people as they take this step of faith. Amy also [Read More...]

Baldies Beware

This article has been drawn to my attention concerning a man who was beaten and robbed because he was bald. This is another incident in the increasing problem of persecution of bald people worldwide. One theory is that people with hair feel threatened by bald men because it is well known that bald men are [Read More...]

Wimmin Priests

A friend has sent me the following. “The website of the Young Women Clergy Project claims to be “powered by faith, verve, chocolate, and really great shoes.” At the Beauty Tips for Ministers blog, a telling phenomenon in its own right, one finds discussions of clergy eyeliner, lingerie, and lip gloss. At ECUSA‘s site, we [Read More...]

London Bound

There’s a possibility I may be in London the second week of December. Any London-based Brits want me to come and do a speaking gig? Any British bloggers want to meet at the Cardinal pub for a few pints and a chin wag? Only come if you promise to bring Fr Whinder. Seriously, would any [Read More...]