Anglicans Swimming

Amy Welborn mentions a post at the Midwest Conservative Journal with speculation about more widespread conversions from Anglicanism to the Catholic faith. Maybe whole American dioceses swimming the Tiber and using the Anglican Use Liturgy? Read it and see what you think: A few of those commenting have brought up the practical difficulties. One is [Read More...]


Jolt yourself from your comfy American life and read this beautifully written account of Catholic life in the Phillipines. [Read more...]

Get in the Habit

In the photograph on the post below this you can spot a couple of the famous London phone boxes. These friars are in London, and it reminds me of a little story… I was travelling across London a few years ago with a friend who was a lapsed Catholic. We spotted a couple of Hare [Read More...]

Friars of the Renewal

Check out Amy Welborn’s article about the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal clipped from the NY Times. [Read more...]

The Fullness of Faith

Check a convert from Evangelicalism’s thrill at discovering the richness of Catholicism in the final comment on this post. [Read more...]

Resurrection Stories

I mentioned in an earlier post about the readings from Acts of the Apostles after Easter being crammed with ‘mini resurrections’. The little resurrections aren’t just Bible stories. They happen today. There was a knock on my door. A young woman in her twenties stood on the doorstep. She looked distressed, and was holding her [Read More...]