El Salvador Survivors

I’ve just returned from our El Salvador mission trip. Six students and one parent chaperone went with me to work for a week at the CIDECO community and school. We also had the chance to tour the country and learn a huge amount about another culture, another climate and most of all, to experience how [Read More...]

Blessing Drunks

Fr Ray posts about a drunk tramp in England who doesn’t ask for money, but a blessing in Latin. It reminds me of one of Alice Thomas Ellis’ rants. She was in Westminster Cathedral and a prissy young priest told the congregation not to give money to the tramps who gather outside the door after [Read More...]

St Laurence, Bradford on Avon

Roving Medievalist posts pictures of the little Saxon Church in Bradford on Avon, England. I first visited this sweet old church when I was a student at Oxford. I was drunk on the glories of English church architecture and made it my hobby to know the difference between pointed arches, Norman arches. I tracked all [Read More...]

El Salvador

Old Baldy is signing off for a week. I’m off to El Salvador with six kids from St Joseph’s Catholic School on a mission trip. We’re working in a community called CIDECO. The community consists of modest housing, a clinic, school, church and market square. The founders provide the whole package for the poorest of [Read More...]

The Maronites and Me

The news has leaked. Someone who reads this blog saw me training to celebrate the Maronite Divine liturgy. Now everyone knows that I’m shifting over to the Maronites. Fed up with the sloppy liturgy at St Mary’s Greenville, (singing Kumbaya every week was bad enough, but having the Sisters of Groove come in for that [Read More...]

Interview with Beckwith

The reversion of noted Evangelical theologian Francis Beckwith to the Catholic faith made for much discussion in the blogosphere some weeks back. About the same time a mini storm was going on here about ‘Evangelical Catholicism’. If you would like to understand why a cradle Catholic left to become Evangelical, and why he has now [Read More...]