Gene Savoy

One of the delightful things about the English Daily Telegraph are the obituaries. They regularly record the deaths of the worlds’ great eccentrics: wacky inventors, decadent aristocrats with weird hobbies, artists who were genuine crazies, bishops who went off the rails, or people who have simply lived lives that make you gasp with their accomplishment, [Read More...]

A Secret Language

Here is a poem written on retreat We wrestle with the mystery of words,hammering from the vast inchoateuniverse, the pointed spears and sharp swordswith which we marshal the inarticulatechaos of the soul. With precisionwe discuss, dissect and delineate;then define and decide. Each decisionis set in stone—not open to debate. But beneath the dogma something rebels.We [Read More...]

See Ya Later…

Not much blogging for a time. I’m off to Myrtle Beach, SC tomorrow to take part in our diocesan family conference called Fire at the Beach. Back for Masses at St Mary’s on Sunday, then off on Monday to the mountains of North Carolina to Episcopal Retreat Center called Kanuga for the Diocesan Priests’ Retreat. [Read More...]

Why Remain Protestant?

Here are one guy’s thoughts H/T to Bob Catholic [Read more...]

Damien and Darwin

Daily Telegraph journalist Damien Thompson doesn’t like Evangelical Christians’ theory that Darwinism lead to Hitler’s death camps. He thinks this is another example of American religious right wing lunacy. I won’t dispute with Damien that there are some seriously nutty right wing Evangelical Christians in America, but I don’t think this particular theory of theirs [Read More...]


Holy Moses! What I love about the man is his meekness. Brought up in the royal household, but kills a man and runs for his life. Learns the name of God at the Burning Bush, but doesn’t flaunt it. Returns to court and steps up to the plate and leads God’s people even though he [Read More...]