Amy’s Take

Amy Welborn has (as usual) an intelligent and insightful comment on the conversations going on here and elsewhere about Evangelical Catholicism. Stop by. [Read more...]

St Mark the Roman Catholic

Sometimes non-Catholic Christians question whether St Peter was ever in Rome. The New Testament itself offers pretty slim evidence. All we have is the verse at the end of the first epistle of Peter which says he is in Babylon with Mark. (1 Pt. 5:13) However, when the rest of the documentary evidence is compliled [Read More...]

St Mark the Evangelist

I couldn’t sleep last night thinking about today’s post. Did I dare to call St Mark an ‘evangelist’? After all, Protestants have Evangelists! Would I be accused of selling out to Billy Graham, Ernest Angely, Jimmy and Tammy and Jimmy Swaggart? If I used the word ‘evangelist’ would I be accused of being a 60′s [Read More...]

Catholics and Charismatics

I recently commented on the desire of Catholic Charismatics to welcome the new liberties for the Latin Mass to be celebrated. Within the post I joked about what a Charismatic Tridentine Mass might be like…a tambourine instead of the sanctus bell etc. Well, all the way from Wales comes a most bizarre post. It seems [Read More...]

Saints Meme

Brad tags me for this meme: The assigned task is to list my four favorite saints, one favorite blessed, and one person I think should have been a saint. Here goes. Four favorite saints: St Joseph, St Therese of Lisieux, St Benedict, St Elizabeth Ann Seton. Favorite Blessed: Bl. Teresa of Calcutta The last category [Read More...]

The Mystery of Psalm 46

St George’s Day is also the anniversary of the death of William Shakespeare. Do you know the mystery of Psalm 46? It goes like this: William Shakespeare was 46 years old the year the King James Version of the Bible was published. Get out your KJV (you good Catholics who don’t own one will have [Read More...]